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Moteur CC - Contrôler la vitesse avec une roue encodeuse

Utilisation des encodeurs

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//source Sample Code 2
//The sample code for driving one way motor encoder
#include <PID_v1.h>
const byte encoder0pinA = 2;//A pin -> the interrupt pin 0
const byte encoder0pinB = 3;//B pin -> the digital pin 3
// int E_left =5; //The enabling of L298PDC motor driver board connection to the digital interface port 5
// int M_left =4; //The enabling of L298PDC motor driver board connection to the digital interface port 4
int MOTEUR_A_1 =5; //Connexion du pilote de moteur CC l9110s au port digital 5
int MOTEUR_A_2 =6; //Connexion du pilote de moteur CC l9110s au port digital 6
byte encoder0PinALast;
double duration,abs_duration;//the number of the pulses
boolean Direction;//the rotation direction
boolean result;

double val_output;//Power supplied to the motor PWM value.
double Setpoint;
double Kp=0.6, Ki=5, Kd=0;
PID myPID(&abs_duration, &val_output, &Setpoint, Kp, Ki, Kd, DIRECT);

void setup()
  Serial.begin(9600);//Initialize the serial port
   pinMode(MOTEUR_A_1, OUTPUT);   //L298P Control port settings DC motor driver board for the output mode
   pinMode(MOTEUR_A_2, OUTPUT);
   Setpoint =80;  //Set the output value of the PID
   myPID.SetMode(AUTOMATIC);//PID is set to automatic mode
   myPID.SetSampleTime(100);//Set PID sampling frequency is 100ms
  EncoderInit();//Initialize the module

void loop()
      advance();//Motor Forward
      result=myPID.Compute();//PID conversion is complete and returns 1
        Serial.print("Pluse: ");
        duration = 0; //Count clear, wait for the next count


void EncoderInit()
  Direction = true;//default -> Forward
  attachInterrupt(0, wheelSpeed, CHANGE);

void wheelSpeed()
  int Lstate = digitalRead(encoder0pinA);
  if((encoder0PinALast == LOW) && Lstate==HIGH)
    int val = digitalRead(encoder0pinB);
    if(val == LOW && Direction)
      Direction = false; //Reverse
    else if(val == HIGH && !Direction)
      Direction = true;  //Forward
  encoder0PinALast = Lstate;

  if(!Direction)  duration++;
  else  duration--;

void advance()//Motor Forward
void back()//Motor reverse

void Stop()//Motor stops
     digitalWrite(MOTEUR_A_2, LOW);

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